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Sam Hook Books... The fantasy world of Mark Ridgely 

The Sam Hook series, Duck Hook, Center Cut, Leaderboard, Red Cell and The Drive Toward Magnolia Lane use golf as the distant backdrop to a conspiracy dragging the main character, Sam Hook, into taking action to protect those not able to stand up to the secret conspiratorial "Organization".  He travels from one tournament stop to another trying to earn a place on the tour.  He becomes intertwined with two strong women Erin Bronte and Crystol Lombardo in his battles with the secret Organization.  They are strong in their own way, both suffer from humiliating abuse, persevering to rise above it, addressing their fears and helping Sam deal with the threats. 

Of course, this site isn't exclusively about Sam.    

Why Women Hate Me is a different story.  It's about a man trying to reclaim a lost love through women he meets, including Russian women on the internet.  He is taken to a strip club by his childhood friend, spending $25,000 over 48 hours.  A co-worker approaches him about her inability to have a child.

War Book is a tale of Stone Kingsley and his affinity for trouble.  The War Book is a secret book keeping the secrets of her Majesties government.  Only three people know about it;  the Prime Minister, M and Moneypenny.  What would happen if a sinister organization has the information?  What if they kidnap Moneypenny to auction for it?  How about expanding the love interest between Kingsley and Moneypenny?

Thank you for coming to my site.
   Mark Ridgely

Savannah GA Book Festival

The headliner this year is the author of the Amazon series "The Terminal List" by Jack Carr. He will be speaking on the 16th.

Ohioana Book Festival - Columbus OH

Attending this event.  Attempting to get a seat in the display.

A good place to meet Ohio authors including self published authors.

Winter Wheat


A Bowling Green Ohio Book Festival!

Heading 6

NEWS:  Center Cut is now available on Amazon - Center Cut: A Sam Hook novel #2: 9798835146840: Ridgely, Mark: Books

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2022 AT 11 AM – 5 PM

Writer's Block Author Fair - Brought to you by Toledo Family Pharmacy

Franklin Park Mall

From 11 am to 5pm over 30 local authors will have their work on display for sale.

Author announcement - Writers Block.jpg

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